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          24H Hotline:

          15019294322 Mr. Xia

          Corporate Culture
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          Corporate Culture

          Entrepreneurial spirit: Let everyone and gold power partners not regret it;
          Corporate motto: Speaking, doing, persisting, and winning;
          Quality policy:The pass rate is over 98%;
          Development goal: to continue to advance with the world's top 500;
          Business philosophy: to create a gold product team, leading the smart pioneer;
          Product concept: We are not only producing products, but also responsibility, but also hope for tomorrow;
          Employee concept: Loyalty, dedication, professionalism. Go forward a little bit every day;
          Management philosophy: focus on the goal, develop team spirit, standardize the road, and adhere to independent innovation;
          Corporate slogan: Determine the goal of tomorrow and overcome all the difficulties of today;
          Famous sayings: No matter what size, strive for better, pursue perfection;
          Talent concept: both ability and political integrity;
          Safety concept: Cherish life self-regulation.